My first experience with an ancient crystal skull

I have lived in the “new age” community of Sedona, Arizona since the spring of 1990. Of course, I have heard about UFO’s, crystal skulls, ET’s, and probably meet some as well. There were channelings of everyone and everything under the sun.  I learned early on to have discernment and listen to my own inner guidance. When crystal skulls were first introduced to me in Sedona, I remember thinking, “now, what is going on in the “new age” community and is this - a strange new cult movement or something?”

Spirit then, guided me to England in 1993. After a life-altering few days in Glastonbury, I returned to London to visit my cousin, Carol and family before returning home.  Carol decided to take me to an exhibit at the Museum of Mankind, however, when we arrived at the museum, the exhibit she had wanted me to see was no longer on display. Still, we decided to go into the museum to look around.

As I am writing this, and whenever I have shared this experience, I relive this feeling, where the steps leading up to the second floor of the museum, become steps up to an ancient Mayan step pyramid. When I entered the room at the top of the stairs, unbeknownst to me, there in front of me, at eye level was the ancient “British Skull.” (The British Skull is now housed respectfully in the British Museum.) It was large and illuminated. I was transfixed for what appeared to be a long time. I didn’t realize till months later that information and/or activation was being downloaded into me.  As I left the museum, I felt the skull calling me back up the stairs to see him/her one more time, to take a picture. When the picture was developed one could see the light brilliance coming from the British crystal skull. Still after this experience I was not really interested in other crystal skulls nor to experience the many crystal skulls that came to Sedona.

How I became the caretaker of HeartStar, an ancient crystal skull.

It was 12 years after my first experience with the ancient “British skull” that crystal skulls came into my life again.  I had opened a crystal shop in Oct. 2004, called Stone Age Sedona, with my friend and owner, Lui Kreig, creator and owner of the original and well-known Glastonbury, England shop, Stone Age. A few days after new years of 2005, I was ready to close the shop for the day, when a beautiful family came into the shop. The two young girls, Ellie and Dove Cross were enchanted by the faeries in our faerie room and did not want to leave. Their mother, Dawn, purchased 2 small faeries for the girls, as this seemed to be the only way she could get them to leave the magical faerie realm.  In speaking to Dawn, I found out that they had just arrived in Sedona on their way to Quartzsite for the gem & crystal show. They had driven all the way from their home in Alberta, Canada. 

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HeartStar HeartStar

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