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After HeartStar arrived, I had the good fortune of meeting 2 wonderful healers, Jaap Van Etten and his partner, Jeanne Michaels of lemurantis.com, they have over 100 crystal skulls made out of many different crystals and minerals. Jaap has been a crystal skull researcher for many years and met Dr. Frank Loo in 2003 when he brought a number of the Himalayan crystal skulls to Sedona. I was unaware that the Himalayan crystal skulls had been in Sedona.  Jaap and Jeanne have both felt a special connection, vibration, information and activation from HeartStar.  As an ancient skull, they feel HeartStar has been able to download and activate their many crystal skulls. Jaap and Jeanne guide a crystal skull meditation at there home weekly. This is where Thelma and I would experience and learn more about crystal skulls and their messages.  Thelma has lived in Glastonbury since 2000. She is a member of the Quest Community and is the guardian of the ancient Magdalene Chapel. After experiencing being with HeartStar and the other crystal skulls at Lemurantis, she was given the spiritual guidance that her next spiritual assignment was to receive and share the messages given to her by the crystal skulls. What a surprise this has been to Thelma, who just turned 83 years old. I am currently transcribing Thelma’s beautiful channelings and poetry. She hopes to publish a book soon, for her poetry and messages inspire and touch people on a deep soul level and in a very profound spiritual way.

HeartStar and I have grown together since January of 2005. I am often able to receive messages, instructions and information. I have found that other people have had similar experiences with HeartStar.

When HeartStar and I arrived in Glastonbury June 2006, a group of 12 magically formed within 2 weeks.  We meditated weekly with HeartStar, who was in the middle of our circle, and many amazing personal and planetary healings took place. The group is still meeting. At the end of February 2007, HeartStar returned to Sedona, Arizona. We will return to Glastonbury in May 2007 and stay throughout the summer and continue this exciting adventure.

HeartStar communicated to Dorothy of Ubria, Italy in a session on June1, 2007 in Glastonbury England this teaching on manifestation:

I am going to teach you about healing and creating on a molecular level. Using a transporter in which things, bodies, etc. are broken down into molecular parts. Beamed through space and brought back in wholeness.If you want to create heaven on earth, positive thinking is absolutely essential. It is with positive thoughts that we are able to manifest. We must be mindful of all thoughts.
When something is desired/needed instead of thinking I need/desire a Ford car, instead think of the molecular structure needed for transportation.
If it is health you desire, visualize the molecular structure of a healthy body or organ or whatever it is that needs healing.
If someone comes to you with a headache and you endeavor to help them, by focusing on the headache you get caught up in how, why, etc. Instead work on the molecular level, a healthy holographic healing taking place.
Imagine it like a jigsaw that is not fitting correctly, we need to take it apart. Break things down to the molecularly and then it will be ready to put back together so it fits, works and is whole.
Then Dorothy asked, “What is darshan?”
HeartStar replied:
Darshan is the light energy vibration that saints and enlightened beings give to others. She asked this because HeartStar was explaining this is the energy that is coming into her now. It is a strong light that are like beams from her eyes. To give pure light energy without intent, just pure light energy.
About time:
Time at a molecular level does not exist. So you can speed time up or slow it down. This gives the ability to manifest embodiment.

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HeartStar recharging in Sedona
Photo by Nancy Bartell

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