Cathedral Rock
Cathedral Rock - Sedona's Female Magnetic Vortex

A Self-Questing Pilgrimage into the Red Rock Magic of Sedona
The Heart of Arizona's Sacred Earth

As we attune to the Heartbeat of our Earth Mother
we Hear and Sing her New Song,

As we connect and embrace the Sky Father
we receive the New Message from the Great Star Nations


Bell Rock -Sedona's Male Electrical Vortex

A Time to Gather
"2012 Sedona Shift"

Special Full Moon Ceremony

April 3-12, 2011

Sedona is Calling
Our Earth Mother and her messenger Honeybees are buzzing

You who know that you were born to assist as spiritual midwives in this evolutionary shift into the Age of Aquarius and  unity consciousness have been called to many sacred sites. It is an important time to come together in Love, Unity, Song, Prayer and Ceremony.  At the Gathering of the Ancestors in Sedona in April, 2009, the Mayan Elders communicated that between May 2010 and 2012 is the time of the Great Shift.

April 3-12, 2011

Aries - Libra Full Moon Ceremony

(approx. £1652 as of April 2011)
Special Discount
You will receive a discount of $200 if you pay in full before January 15, 2011
When 2 or more people sign up together after paying their deposit
each will receive a discount of $200 per person.

A self-questing pilgrimage to connect with the spectacular Red Rock cathedrals, naturally formed and impregnated with the ancestral spirits and guardians of Sedona’s beautiful southwestern USA desert landscape. Sedona has been a place of ceremony and vision; a spiritual land to ancient peoples and native tribes for many thousands of  years. The enchanting land is the shaman and the teacher. We join with their love, song and prayers which frees the soul to spread its wings and fly.  Walking in the pathways between inner and outer worlds, we come to understand the meaning and message of the four directions of the medicine wheel teachings. Entering the many and diverse vortex power spots is an awe-inspiring journey; we do this ceremonially, using drum, song and creative expression. This is a special time to nourish yourself, express your deepest intentions, listen to your heartsong and be supported on your personal earth walk. You will meet Sedona's special Earthkeepers, artists, and musicians. The journey is limited to 12 people and will be a unique, healing and meaningful shamanic pilgrimage under the crystal clear blue sky, the clean air and the magnificence of the brilliant stars seen in the milky way at night. It is no wonder that Sedona, Arizona was voted “The most beautiful spot in the USA.”.

It was while spending the summers of the early 1960’s in Sedona, that Elizabeth first experienced an awakening  into her spiritual and tribal roots. When she returned to Sedona in 1987 for the Harmonic Convergence celebration, she knew the ancestors of the land were calling her home. She feels now is an important astrological time shift. She will present this to those called to Sedona, her home since 1990. We will experience the depth of beauty, power and healing that is available in this very sacred place. Elizabeth has been guiding self-questing journeys to Mystical England to Re-awaken the Heart of Avalon’s Holy Grail since 1993. She has discovered, along with many others, that there is a spiritual highway, a rainbow bridge connecting these 2 powerful spiritual centers on our beloved Earth. The rich iron Red of Sedona and the healing Green of Glastonbury, ancient Isle of Avalon are sacred centres where the veil between the worlds is thin and where we can easily gain access to spiritual dimensions,  the holy grail within, bringing healing, meaning and purpose into our lives, to be of service to humanity.

Montezuma's Well
Montezuma's Well

Kachina Woman
Kachina Woman
Guardian of Boynton Canyon
Balanced Male - Female Vortex

Elizabeth and Sally
Elizabeth and Sally
Boynton Canyon's Ancient Cave

The Yavapai Legend of the Emergence of the First Woman of their Tribe
First woman, Komwidpokuwia, old stone woman, originally came from Montezuma’s well, where the Yavapai had been living before the great floods came. She was placed inside a hollow log, along with a dove and some food. Then they sealed the log with pitch so she would float safely to a new place of safety to create the next world. It is said that she landed in Boynton Canyon, where she lived in a cave. “She is the Goddess of the supernatural and medicine powers and is beautiful and as pure as a down white feather. The medicine men or anyone believing may see her In a vision or dream and receive instructions comfort and encouragement.” Nicholas Mann, British geomancer and author in his magnificent book “Sedona’s Sacred Earth", discovered this legend of the Yavapai from stories he compiled from E. W. Gifford in 1932-1936.Two Yavapai elders in the 1800's shared their legends with Gifford. Nicholas' book is the best on the sacred geomancy and energies of Sedona, as well as about the Isle of Avalon. HIs books are a must-read !

If you would like a personal pilgrimage or to host a group of 6-12 people together for a sacred journey to Sedona, AZ, Southwest England and/or Scotland during the year, Elizabeth would be happy to be your guide. Just contact me with your specific dates and desires and we will manifest a special pilgrimage together. Ongoing tours are available March - May and September - November.


April 2-12, 2011

(approx. £1652 as of April 2011)

With the strength of the British Pound and Euro,
this is the best time to come to Sedona.

Tour Information

• Private coach to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and all other ground transportation.
• Bed and Breakfast (double occupancy)
• All entrance fees and special presentations
• One lunch and a farewell dinner
• Single room +$500-$700
• Airfare is not included

You can email Elizabeth for further information. Email

When we receive your deposit, we will send flight and other important information to you.

*The price is based on US Dollar amounts with a minimum of 8 people. Rates in other currencies may vary due to fluctuating exchange rates.



Some important things to bring:
- Please only bring one small piece of luggage and a carry-on. You will be responsible for carrying these, so make sure you can handle them.
- A day backpack is useful for day trips
- Comfortable walking shoes and layered clothing.

Terms and Conditions:
A deposit of $450 is due now to secure your place on the pilgrimage.

The first payment and final paymenf of $1100 must be paid on or before the due date posted.

If the balance is not paid by this date we reserve the right to regard the reservation as cancelled.

Cancellation Policy: The deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations made 60 days prior to departure will receive 50% of the amount paid, not including the $450 non-refundable deposit. No refunds will be made on later cancellations.

AstroJourneys suggests you purchase travel insurance. AstroJourneys is not responsible for any loss or injury incurred during our tours.

For more information contact Elizabeth at:
A deposit of $450 is due now to hold your space.

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Chimney Rock
Chimney Rock - Sedona's Tor



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