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The morning of the total lunar eclipse in Virgo-Pisces, March 3, 2007 I received the message from my guides through HeartStar, that it was time for HeartStar and me to “come out”. Also I was to change my last name to HeartStar. I was to do this to be a reminder to others and myself, that “we are truly from the stars and that we must live in our hearts now”. My personality did not want to do this, however, my soul, knowing that this is an important statement to make, knew that these ancient crystal skulls and disks are connected to the ascended masters of Shamballa.

When spirit guides ask one to do something for the greater divine purpose and plan, it is important to let go of the little ego voice. Be receptive and accept. So, HeartStar, who I thought was going to be my personal treasured and secret, crystal skull, wants to have a webpage with his/her picture. HeartStar’s wish is to assist those feeling connected to her/him, and to transmit the vibration, activation and healing energy of Shamballa in service to the divine purpose and plan and the ascension of earth and humanity through the power of love. 

If you have any comments
or questions please email: elizabeth@astrojourneys.com



A p o l l o 7           and         H e a r t S t a r

at the Crystal Skull Festival
Holland 2006



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