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When Dawn, Marcell and “The Star Family” were ready to leave, I asked Dawn how she came upon this very special crystal skull. She told me of a man from China, who has been a collector of ancient relics  for many years was receiving psychic messages, guiding him to a place  in the Tibetan  Himalayan mountains to uncover something. The guidance was so strong, that he left his job to follow this calling.  It took him over 2 years to complete this difficult task and by 2002 he had unearthed 24 crystal skulls, 16 large human size and 8 small crystal skulls. He also uncovered 3 large disks resembling our CD’s, the disks had etchings on them and they are made of cobalt and other metallic substances. Hundreds of these disks were discovered in 1939 and in the late 60’s a professor decoded some of them, the information from the disks that were decoded, spoke of an ancient extra terrestrial group named the Dropa, whose spaceship had crashed and they were unable to repair it or leave earth. They were thought to be at least 13,000 years old. The Dropa left these disks behind to record their story. I believe that is how he knew the approximate location of these ancient relics he was guided to find.

He was not sure what to do with the discovery, as he knew they had a special mission, nothing like other ancient relics he had found in the past. Dawn told me of a woman named Linda ”Allayah” Frisch, of sanctuaryoftheancients.com, she waa asked to help find caretakers for some of the Himalayan crystal skulls that were unearthed. He knew these were only to go to the people that knew they were to be caretakers of these ancient ones. They are known as “the Himalayan crystal skulls.” I asked Dawn to put me in contact with Linda to find out if she had any of the crystal skulls still needing a caretaker. Linda sent me a picture of the few crystal skulls she still had with her. I knew instantly, when I saw the picture which one was mine. I immediately made arrangements to receive him/her.




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HeartStar photo by Nancy Bartell

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