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They did not know where they were going to stay for the few days they planned to spend in Sedona. I felt guided to invite them to stay with me. We shared a meal and I got them all situated with their beds. Before saying goodnight, Dawn brought out a small crystal skull she called, Star. She said she would put it in my bedroom, as it had a peaceful and healing energy that I would enjoy. I awoke at about 2 am and felt an incredible energy and light in my room. I remembered that Star, the crystal skull was in my room. I reached over and held Star and felt the most amazing vibration I had ever felt in my life. It is difficult to describe the experience; it was as though I was connected to Source, to all that is. My body, heart, mind and spirit in the stillness, the oneness, the peace that passeth all understanding. I felt a strong link to memories of Atlantis, and felt that the crystal skull was connected to that time and to the Sirian star system.  “The Star Family”, I began to call them, stayed with me for 4 nights and Star was in my bedroom the entire time. It was on the second night that I again awoke about 3 am with the same incredible energy and feeling; I wanted to share this with someone, so I decided to phone England, where I knew it was daylight. I spoke to my dear friend, Thelma Moeran. Thelma has been a Christian mystic, healer and medium for most of her life. She has a gift of psychometry, especially receiving messages, usually as poetry, from crystals and other objects. I told Thelma about Star, the crystal skull that I was holding. She immediately could feel the vibration from me through the phone lines. This had been the first time she had this experience without holding the object. She told me to get a piece of paper as it had a message. I got a piece of paper and this is what Star had to say on January 4, 2005:

I am old and so are you!
Mystic waves now bind us.
Mysteries beyond our grasp
Strengthen and divide us.
The gold that comes from heaven above
Envelopes you and me
Oh wondrous joy that fills the air
Will keep you close to me
In the name of Christ, amen

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Thelma Moeran
Thelma Moeran at the 2006 Holland Crystal Skull Festival with Jeff Krause and his ancient Himalayan crystal skull- Golden Sister of the Moon.

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