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The Tibetan & Himalayan masters connection to the crystal skulls

As I knew that this was going to be a major shift in my life path, I phoned David Miller in Prescott, AZ. who is a channel for the Arcturian and other light beings. I truly respect David’s channeling abilities.  I set up an appointment to have a session with him, as I felt he could tune into the Himalayan crystal skulls and share the message with me. In the channeling, the first thing David said was that this crystal skull had found me again. It came to activate ancient memory.

The crystal skull was to remind and activate in all, receptivity and faith in the universe and to open me to my latent gifts. He said more activation and teachings would come through, especially crystal healing methods.  I asked how old they were, and he said, the Himalayan crystal skulls have been in existence for over 10,000 years and have been imprinted by the Tibetan/ Himalayan masters for the evolution of consciousness. When I asked if they had names, he responded by saying, they had many unusual and exotic names connected to them that would not be familiar or necessary to know. He said, however, you may be familiar with the one known as, the Tibetan, Djwhal Kuhl. David did not know at the time, but I have felt a great resonance with the ascended master, the Tibetan, Djwhal Kuhl since the early 70’s. The codes of knowledge in the past, he said, were meant to be kept in this area of Tibet, however the ascended masters have now allowed this energy of Shamballa to be brought out as there is currently a 5th dimensional portal opening. This crystal skull is a transmitter and channel of this energy of Himalayan origin which is bringing the light of the Shamballa energy to earth and assisting in the opening of a Sedona - Shamballa Glastonbury grid that I, along with others, have been working with since 1993. This is where healings can take place, for one of the functions and energies brought through Shamballa, is that of spiritual healing for our earth and humanity. 

On January 14, 2005, HeartStar, whose name and vibration “came to me” the day I saw the picture & knew I was the caretaker of this ancient one, arrived.  Thelma Moeran, arrived from Glastonbury to Sedona a few days after that.  On the full moon of January 25, 2005 this was the message/poem that channeled through Thelma Moeran from HeartStar:



Where have you been
Away on a dream
Oh joy, oh heart of mine
The clouds of life
Drop sweet pure tears
And water shapes our lives.
The depth of love comes from above
Encircling you and me.
Fear not to go and fight the foe
He hung upon a tree.
Within the portals of my shell
Lie hidden rays to keep you well.
Princess of beauty, stay with me
You know where I ought to be.

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Djwhal Kuhl
Ascended Master
The Tibetan Djwhal Kuhl

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